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See you all at the markets and conventions!

Here's where we're going...

Wallan Twilight Market

Hadfield Park, High Street, Wallan

November 24th 2023

4pm - 8pm

Mini Collectors Market

Community Bank Stadium

129-163 Mainhurst Bridge Road,

Diamond Creek

December 10th 2023

9am - 1pm

Wallan Twilight Market

December 15th 2023

Hadfield Park, High Street, Wallan

4pm - 8pm

Canberra Show


Flemington Road, Mitchell,

ACT, 2911

23rd-25th February 2024

8.30am - 10pm

Here's where we've been...

We absolutely love to display our hand crafted pop culture themed and enchanted candles at local and interstate conventions! Check out below to see where some of the conventions we've attended!

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